Live Stream TEST #1

Moving toward livestreaming shows from my studio is taking a lot of work, but it’s enjoyable. After completing the most recent Sunset Graves album, I wanted to make my recording and writing much more performance/jam orientated to capture ideas and accidents as they occur.
I have all the various bits of gear to make this happen, but currently, none of the pieces (specifically the ‪#‎analogue‬ and digital) are talking to each other. These MIDI issues will get sorted out over the next couple of weeks. And as I move toward a full live set, I wanted to share my ‘rehearsals’ here for free. 
Because of the current A/D problems in my studio, this track is pure(ish) analogue, recorded as audio into my DAW. It’s a noisy ‪#‎techno‬ jam, written live on the spot and well, I’m sure it won’t be making the next record… it’s not exactly breaking new ground. But analogue gear can be so much fun, and is so immediate… it was cool to get something down. As the pieces of my studio evolution come together, I’ll share more videos like this. I have A/V stuff to sort out too… because I want more than one camera. It will happen. There may be 5 of these videos, there may be 500. But I don’t want to run before I can walk.

Download the audio for ‪#‎FREE‬:…/sunset-graves-live-stream-test-1-a…

Thanks for checking it out.

Gear used in this recording:
‪#‎AkaiMiniAK‬ Virtual AnalogueSynth
all recording live into ‪#‎PresonusStudioOne2Producer‬ DAW.