Lo Grounds - Fatalism.

With the news of the new Sunset Graves album landing this past week, it also came to be known that the other two acts on my label - Lo Grounds and tpique.. well, they are both me too. Other me's. Different ideas, different music.

Today, I release the second Lo Grounds record, Fatalism. And it is something I am immensely proud of. You can find it in the store, or you can go ahead and stream it below. Underneath the Soundcloud widget is the full press release. Please have a read for some more background.

Thanks so much.

“As musicians, we often create sketches that might become paintings. We may be compelled to gather a collection of these paintings together as an exhibition, give it a name and call it an album. However, with Fatalism, I wanted to make a tapestry.”

The first expression of this was the three tracks on the debut Lo Grounds EP ‘Left’, released in August 2014. These dark, nocturnal tracks were slightly primitive, but they were also eclectic and evocative, and it felt like opening a door to something else. So Lo Grounds decided to step through and fully immerse himself in that. The result is ‘Fatalism’.

Concerned with thoughts about units of time and the path of our lives and seasons, questions about the Fermi Paradox (the apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilisation and humanity's lack of contact with, or evidence for, such civilisations.). Life in the city and the vibrancy that brings to our lives. All these thoughts and experiences informed the music as it was written.

Formed with no clear picture of its shape or colour - ‘Fatalism’ was created by sampling, live playing and arranging… Samples were for textures, landscapes and sounds. Essentially records pulled out semi-consciously and the needle dropped on them in the same way, to let an element of chance be part of things, then manipulated and processed. With the beats, written ideas using hardware were recorded as a performance, which gives them an immediacy, but also meant that they weren’t altered after the recording. These analogue and digital elements would then be woven into the main tapestry.

“The goal was to create a journey that has sections, but was always very much one track. I wanted to create a mixtape feel, but I also hope it stands on its own as a different kind of idea. It doesn’t work unless you listen from the beginning to the end.

Lo Grounds is Andy Fosberry, a musician also known as Sunset Graves and tpique, running the label 3rd & Debut. Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy in London. Reaching out beyond the abyss.