It can be frustrating. Not least to myself. Often, I post new tracks or videos, only to remove them just a little way's down the road. This 'Updates' section here on my website is littered with missing pieces and dead links. 
Which is usually for two reasons.
I work a lot.  So something that is super relevant to what I'm working toward today, might be less so tomorrow. This means that I'll make it private or delete it for now. The other reason, and one that has been the case recently on a few occasions, is a track could land out here in the wild pretty rapidly, before getting absorbed into an album. And that's the best place for it. Albums are the things I stand by, the other nebulous, rotating ideas can come and go. But they have to happen to make the albums better. 
If you have your ear to the ground, you might hear a quick preview of something before it becomes a ghost.
And, my records are full of ghosts...