Everything Beyond Today.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for reading. 
Its a transitional time for me and Sunset Graves. Today really does feel like the final bookend to a phase in the life of this music. The Bruise Tattoo EP and A/A single were part of that. But moreso, are my own thoughts. Because I want to move forward.

Today, I've added 6 new clips to the video section. This 'Moving Photograph' series is literally just that. Single shot videos to accompany music from the recent releases. Its commonplace to throw up a video on Youtube with the record sleeve and audio. This is basically the same, but the picture changes and evolves, like the music. Its not really high concept and I expect no one will ever watch them, but they are there should you feel compelled to investigate. 
All the footage is mine from my travels, except the 'Your Ghost is Formed', which I found on archive.org ans subsequently 'stole'. (Its ok, its public domain).
There are three from Bruise Tattoo (Boroughs, The Limit of What We've Got, Peppermint Flames), Starve the Core from the A/A single and the afore mentioned 'Your Ghost is Formed'.

So, like I said, this phase is kind of as far as it can go. 

I've been working a lot in my studio on new ideas and I want to keep exploring sound and music before I put anything else out. It could be a while. There is a whole bunch of unreleased stuff, but I think it will remain as much for now. Some of it is pretty different sounding, which I find exciting, and I need to put in the time to bring that into focus. I want to dial in more guitar processing. more hardware, more field recording, more angles. Basically add and subtract all that I've done to come up with something new.

I also intend to work on a live show. 

I don't see the point in doing anything if you're not pushing yourself. Music is the most vivid example of that. So, for now, I have work to do.

Thanks for reading.

- Andy.