There is an A/A single that's been available for a little while now...

Around the same time that I put out the 'Bruise Tattoo EP', I also decided to send a double a-sided single into the world. Digitally at least. And as I mentioned in the previous post here, the music was there, it was completed and I really want to move forward.  

With the A/A single, it was a chance both round off Form Your Ghost, but also to bring 'The Solid Bones' to the fore as people seem to be into it. This is great for me because it felt like a special tune when I wrote it. There are always certain things that we feel we can achieve, so its noticeable when we tap into some something.. other. 'The Solid Bones' was, for me at least, definitely that. 

The flip of this single is a totally new track called 'Starve The Core'. Simpler, sure. But it just kind of came together beautifully. Not everything does.. in fact, I can sketch out many things that never work, but I keep around as pencil drawings.. notebook etchings.
Little victories should be quietly celebrated.

Starve The Core, along with two other tunes was one of two secret dubplates I had cut in the past few days.

The fate of these two totally unique records that I no longer have in my possesion is something I can't whisper, but they sounded great and I wish them well on their journey. Thanks to Dub Studio in Bristol and Cutadub in Canvey Island for sorting these out. I'll be using one of you again in the future. 

Thanks for reading.. more soon.

Get at A/A via the Soundcloud embedded above, and digital retail or streaming site anywhere, or in the hi-res format of your choice right HERE.