The Bruise Tattoo EP is released...

The sessions for Form Your Ghost were long and fruitful, but not without their own set of problems. Few people know that I actually 'finished' that album twice. The first time was back in November of 2013 not long after the release of Variant.

Working on the debut had opened so many doors to me as a writer that I was inspired to explore further.. I had actually started work on the follow up a week before the debut was even issued. 
About 8 weeks later it was done. I had it mastered and had already begun the process of securing a release. 

Something was wrong though. And that little voice of doubt grew louder and louder. One thing I have learnt is that those little nudges of instinct are usually right, you just have to get comfortable with listening to them. Long story short, I decided to pull the album and re-work it. So while about half the music survived in a vastly reworked form, tracks like 'Your Ghost is Formed', Uncontrolled Descent', 'The Solid Bones', 'Some Dying Light', were all written in this period.

But so was loads of other material.

As Form Your Ghost began to .. form, some other tracks began to loosely group together in a separate pile. This pile would become Bruise Tattoo.
Why are they different?
To me, they were in some parts a bit more abstract, like 'Peppermint Flames', more experimental, like 'Hourglass Blood' which is a house-influenced track made entirely on acoustic instruments, and much more ambient.. which is basically all the rest. I just couldn't get these tracks to fit among the others on Form Your Ghost, so I gave them a home of their own. 

Rounding off the collection is the full length version of Turquoise, which appeared slightly edited on the 'Your Ghost is Formed' single.

What about the other music? Well a lot of the stuff I shelved from the original version of the second record remains on the shelve, where it will stay. A track like 'Iso Crosses' appeared on the b-side of the Concrete Dead Space single and sometimes that little voice I mentioned up there questions even doing that. These lost tracks and a bunch of others from the time remain locked away on a hard-drive somewhere, because some work has to be made to reach something better..and it isn't necessarily going to do anyone any favours by being out in the world.

Anyway.. that's the story of Bruise Tattoo, should anyone pass by the way wanting to know about it. 

- Andy.

Bruise Tattoo EP