Everything Changes.

For those kind souls paying attention, it might have become apparent today that every mention of the new Sunset Graves album, Form Your Ghost, seems to have mysteriously disappeared. And you would be right too, because every mention has disappeared. 

But its cool.. the reasons for this are entirely positive. 

I can't go into too much detail, but things happening behind the scenes mean that the release of the album has now been pushed back to JUNE 9TH 2014. So it's just a couple more months, but an entirely necessary period of time.

The pre-order is postponed, but physical copies of the album are being honored to the fans who have kindly ordered the album already. 

There will be much to share over the next 9 weeks, so please stay tuned. I'll be updating for the new pre-order and the vinyl order as soon as I can. But I'll also be sharing exclusives, videos and other stuff as and when I can.

Thanks so much to every one of you who are supporting this album, its been amazing. And it, quite possibly, is about to get better.

See you soon,

- Andy.