Videos for Dust.

Some of the Sunset Graves videos (well, one of them) cost a bit of money to put together - mostly in post-production. Some exist because I was somewhere in the world and had a camera with me. Or even a smart phone. Some exist because I raided for some free footage I liked the look of. 

At the time of writing, some have been played nearly 1000 times. Some, less than 10. I can't explain that. But what I have done is compiled all the videos to date into a lovely playlist, meaning you can watch, listen.. maybe say some nice things, maybe go ahead and share them yourself. 

Yes, it's about the music, and this chronology represents an evolution in sound as much as anything. But sometimes, its cool to have some images play out whilst the track does. 

So here you go, please enjoy. There are worse ways to spend half an hour, surely?