Radiohead Remix.

What I haven't really told anyone is that I'm working on the next Sunset Graves album right now. Sometimes when the process gets intense, tunnel vision can develop, and that's not necessarily good for what you are making.
So, from time to time, I park the car, get out, and take a look at a different view.. refresh and work on something else. 
Last week, I took an isolated vocal of Thom Yorke, and created a remix around it.
Its a free download. Better have at it before the record company takes it away...

The Death of Everything New

Sometimes, I do things like this.

On Friday, I took a picture of a building. I edited it and shared it on instagram. But it kind of fell in with things I have been thinking about of late... architecture, geometry.. sacred geometry, hidden patterns.. so the picture stayed in my mind.

On Saturday, I kind of used the picture as a trigger, and wrote some ideas. These ideas very quickly became a full track. A track that I wrote, mixed, mastered and released in a day.

Some music takes weeks to carve out. Sometimes, if you get out of the way, it just happens. 

The track is called 'The Death of Everything New'. You can stream it here, and/or you can download it too.. for free.

Thanks. (Full picture is below)

LIVE Shows Coming in March.

I will be emerging from my dark cave this March for a string of shows with Thomas Ragsdale across the UK. Dates will be confirmed as soon as they can, or are allowed to be. 
For the moment.. I used to have a sofa in my studio which was great for absorbing mixes, thinking and taking care of the whole 'sitting down' thing. Alas, now it supports my live set up, because there is nowhere else to put it. 
Good trade off though.
My live music is computer free, and entirely hardware because I like to make life as difficult as possible for myself. See the Youtube description for a break down of what's in the box.
If you're in the UK, we'll see you soon. If you're not, we still hope to see you soon. 


ARMY OF GHOSTS - 2015 Mixtape (Free)

ARMY OF GHOSTS is a 20 minute sprint through a selection of tracks off of the 9 releases that my label 3rd & Debut Records has put out in 2015. 
There is much planned for the new year, and this mixtape is a FREE download to say thanks to some, and introduce others to where we find ourselves at the end of our first real 12 months of life..

Stream & Download from Soundcloud:

Stream and Download from Bandcamp (24-Bit Digital):

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

Brand new track. FREE DOWNLOAD.

There is a brand new track on my Soundcloud that I uploaded last night. Its free, so if you want a copy, please take one with my best wishes.

Early next year, a beautiful new, widescreen Sunset Graves album will be landing. But I'm not always that guy. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we feel kind of fucked up. Either at, or because of certain things. 
I try to write every day, so what I'm expressing runs in tandem with that, I guess. The track is pretty abstract and angry. 

If that's not selling it to you, I don't know what will!

Take care.



It can be frustrating. Not least to myself. Often, I post new tracks or videos, only to remove them just a little way's down the road. This 'Updates' section here on my website is littered with missing pieces and dead links. 
Which is usually for two reasons.
I work a lot.  So something that is super relevant to what I'm working toward today, might be less so tomorrow. This means that I'll make it private or delete it for now. The other reason, and one that has been the case recently on a few occasions, is a track could land out here in the wild pretty rapidly, before getting absorbed into an album. And that's the best place for it. Albums are the things I stand by, the other nebulous, rotating ideas can come and go. But they have to happen to make the albums better. 
If you have your ear to the ground, you might hear a quick preview of something before it becomes a ghost.
And, my records are full of ghosts...