'The Hagg' - Sunset Graves REMIX


It feels good to finally unveil my remix of 'The Hagg' by Thomas Ragsdale. Tom and I share a lot of the material we are working on, and when he sent me the original version of 'The Hagg', I knew right away that I wanted to remix it (Tom had remixed my track 'Static Love' last Summer). I took two of his piano notes, pitched them down, then I killed them with drums and darkness. And buried them in a shallow grave. It was so much fun.
I really hope you guys like it. 
The beautifully packaged EP is available now for pre-order.

Radiohead Remix.

What I haven't really told anyone is that I'm working on the next Sunset Graves album right now. Sometimes when the process gets intense, tunnel vision can develop, and that's not necessarily good for what you are making.
So, from time to time, I park the car, get out, and take a look at a different view.. refresh and work on something else. 
Last week, I took an isolated vocal of Thom Yorke, and created a remix around it.
Its a free download. Better have at it before the record company takes it away...